• Honey Ridge Farm Giveaway

    1 week ago
    I've done work previously with Honey Ridge Farms and it was a complete pleasure. I use their Balsamic Vinegar in a lot of the salads and honey flies in our home, so they are the company to go to. I have a good stack of their honeys now, we will see how long it will last. I believe that they are totally under-priced, so take advantage of that. Honey...
  • Mother's Day Core Giveaway

    3 weeks ago
    Hey Mamas - What would be a bigger deal than a Mother's Day on Mom's Dish? lol... these two go hand in hand together. I wanted to congratulate all of the moms and this beautiful set of kitchen tools will be the perfect gift to do so. Core Kitchen is a premier destination for all kitchen tools with a modern design. You can tell from all the cool things...
  • Work Lunch Ideas #4

    1 month ago
    This is my forth round sharing Tim's lunches. What do you think, should I continue? His lunches kinda summarize what we typically eat in our home. Most of his lunches are leftover dinners from the night before, and he doesn't seem to mind. Just a side note, Tim does have a full on snack station with beverages, so I don't pack him much of junk food. Only sometimes I surprise him with a little bit...
  • Anolon & Rachael Ray Giveaway

    1 month ago
    I know it has been a while since we had a kitchen giveaway, it's time for another one. Just to celebrate Easter, l've partnered with two of my favorite brands, doing the two must haves for your kitchen. You guy know that I love Anolon, I use their pots on a daily basis and they look exactly the same as they did a few years back. A good size soup pot is a...
  • Work Lunch Ideas #3

    2 months ago
    I try to keep taking photos of Tim's work lunch whenever possible. It seems like you guys enjoy these posts, so I will keep them coming. A short story - When we just got married, I had no idea how to cook and was clueless how to pack lunches. We ate a lot from frozen food section and pasta. Tim and I packed on a ton of weight in the first year of marriage. This is why I care so much about...
  • Costco Favorites Vlog

    2 months ago
    In the previous video I've mentioned that we should do Costco favorites, and so many of you asked for it. I am excited that this day is finally here :) I know that we haven't shared videos lately, but we are really working on it. Doing videos is something competently new to us and we are still learning how it all works, so it takes us more time to put them together. Bullion got mad at us for...
  • Work Lunch Ideas #2

    2 months ago
    I've been taking photos of Tim's (hub's) work lunch, so we will keep this tradition going. In the past few weeks, Tim went out for lunch a few times, so this is why there are only six lunches. I am sure this would give you plenty of ideas. Just a side note, Tim does have a full on snack station with beverages so I don't pack him much of junk food. Only sometimes I surprise him with a little bit...
  • Kitchen Tour Vlog

    2 months ago
    We are inviting you to see the tour of our kitchen! In no way do I think that it's perfect. I just want to share with you what I have and maybe inspire with some helpful tips or ideas. Thanks for watching. I would LOVE to hear any organization tips from you. Share your ideas or photos in the comments!
  • Work Lunch Ideas

    3 months ago
    In case you've missed it on our vlog channel, we've had a small life update. My husband Tim, has a new job contract where he will work outside of home. He has been working from home for the past many years, so it has been different for both of us. But I am happy for him and excited for the future. So in the mix of things, I...
  • Zwilling Motion 11-Piece Cookware Set Giveaway

    3 months ago
    Hey guys! Hope you are all doing good. I am excited for this new giveaway. It is a beautiful set from Zwilling. My first impression of the pans was that they are very light in weight and at the same time durable. This would be perfect set for anyone who doesn't care for stainless steel. They are made with heavy-gauge 4mm construction and a hard...