Alaska Cruise Review

For those who wanted to know if Alaska cruise worth taking. This is out of my experience, you got to take one warm trip right before Alaska cruise. Weather is not that cold, but around 50-60 degrees. Person on cruise said “we will have 90 degree forecast, 45 in the morning and 45 in the evening” lol..
Alaska is very beautiful place, untouched by man in most places so all you see is beautiful nature and wild life. Often I would wake up early and wouldn’t be able to hold myself and wake up my hubby to show him our view, just speechless.
On our cruise line (Princess), food was over the top and service was great. Our ship made 5 stops, 4 in Alaska and 1 in Victoria. There is really not that much to do, if you compare it to Caribbean cruise. For us this was like spa trip with no kids, we relaxed, slept, ate, attended shows, walked and yeah ate more.
Just so you know first day, I did get sea sick. Most cruises take route where they hit really rough ocean so on more cruises you will spend one day at rough ocean. I took medication; it makes you sleepy so I cough up on all kinds of beauty sleep on first day. But my husband loved it, so I am guessing it depends on a person.


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