Vancouver, BC - Why I'm loving it!

A few of you probably know that I am a bit of a travel junkie. I don't like going to the same place over and over again. But Vancouver, BC is an exception to that. People often ask why I visit it so often, so I figured to might as well share about it here.

The feeling of city life amazes me. Most streets are flocked with pedestrians. The city is packed with beautiful, new buildings. People are dressed nicer and are more European; it almost feels like a little escape to Europe.

I especially enjoy (window) shopping. We specifically go on Robson St. and browse around the stores there. Sometimes we come across good sales and we really go crazy and buy lots of stuff, but most of the time it's just window shopping. For guys' quality clothes, Mexx is an exceptionally great store. That's where we do the shopping most of the time. And if Zara happens to have a sale, we stop there also.

Last time we went, we spotted a coffee shop, called Caffe Artigiano. Now, I am very picky with coffee flavor, but this one definitely made to the top of my favorites list.

There is a one must stop place, when we go. It's in China Town, called The Boss. They are known as an amazing bakery store. Their coconut buns are out of this world, no joke. I love the coconut buns so much, that I bring a whole box, back home.

A few favorite places where we eat, are:

  • The Noodle Box. It has a very urban feel to it, with many Asian food choices.
  • Mega Bite Pizza. I would have to say, this one has some of the best pizzas I tried. Their white sauce that is available for dipping, is out of this world. You can spot this pizza place all over Vancouver, mostly in downtown. It's especially fun to visit it, during the night hours.
  • Cafe Crepe is another great place for lunch. They are close to all the shopping stores. Many varieties of sweet and savory crepes to choose form.
  • Top of Vancouver, is an exceptionally nice restaurant, if you have a bit higher budget. It gets a bit pricey during lunch and dinner times, but breakfast is around $30 per person and better yet - it's a buffet. My husband and I went there a few years back for a breakfast and were amazed. Similar to Space Needle, the restaurant revolves, making a full turn every 60 minutes. It was our first time in Vancouver, so we got to see it all. The restaurant felt very similar to Space Needle, while the food was by far better, not to mention that the price was less than half of what you'd expect to pay at Space Needle.

If we stay in Vancouver, we usually pick a hotel close to Robson; the view is just amazing. We would be on 30th, or so, floor and would have an amazing view of the city.

If you have never visited the Stanley Park, in Vancouver, it is just an amazing place. It is huge, with some unbelievable views. A great place to relax with kids, jog or take pictures.

p.s. Pic of me in a hat is just a goofy pic we took while shopping ;)

In February we plan to go there again, please share with me your favorite spots?


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