• GIR Spatula Giveaway - just on Time for Christmas (Winner Announced)

    4 years ago
    WINNER is: "I shared on Facebook,,and also pinned it http://pinterest.com/pin/82542605642131149/ via @pinterest" alla.ivanova.5099 Please contact me via https://www.facebook.com/momsdish on a private message with shipping information. Thanks! You probably know the difference between a...
  • Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

    4 years ago
    I am really looking forward to this year's Thanksgiving celebration. This is a first time in many years we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Here are some of the ideas I am keeping in mind for the menu. Hopefully this will help you out, if you're still deciding what to cook for Thanksgiving. (recipe/66) (recipe/196) (recipe/32) (recipe/85) (recipe/81) (recipe/80) (recipe/191) (...
  • Bahamas Cruise Review

    4 years ago
    We recently took a four day cruise from Miami, with three stops in Bahamas. It was a last minute deal and we decided to take on it. Norwegian was the third cruise line we tried out. Food and service wasn't as impressive as it was on a Princess cruise line. But the entertainment was mostly clean and amazing. With an additional stop on an Norwegian's all-inclusive private island, the overall...
  • Vancouver, BC - Why I'm loving it!

    4 years ago
    A few of you probably know that I am a bit of a travel junkie. I don't like going to the same place over and over again. But Vancouver, BC is an exception to that. People often ask why I visit it so often, so I figured to might as well share about it here. The feeling of city life amazes me. Most streets are flocked with pedestrians. The city is packed with beautiful, new buildings. People are...
  • Welcome to Mom's Dish!

    4 years ago
    The site is up and running now, and I'm so excited. Here is a bit about the site and its full splendor. 1. Some of you requested the need to view recipes on your phones. You'll now be able to view them on your tablets and phones. 2. Don't have internet on your phone? You can now print recipes in a neat format. 3. You can find Mom's Dish on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. 4...
  • I loved this pastry, it was my must have treat :)

    Alaska Cruise Review

    4 years ago
    For those who wanted to know if Alaska cruise worth taking. This is out of my experience, you got to take one warm trip right before Alaska cruise. Weather is not that cold, but around 50-60 degrees. Person on cruise said “we will have 90 degree forecast, 45 in the morning and 45 in the evening” lol.. Alaska is very beautiful place, untouched by man in most places so all you see is beautiful...