• Garlicky Eggplant Platter

    3 years ago

    I am so happy that the Summer is finally here! Not that I don't like any other season, I just love every season for their own reason. Summer is awesome because of all the fresh produce. We can easily live off of fruits and veggies in the summer time.

    This Garlicky Eggplant dish is the perfect side dish for any meal. Eggplants are very filling on their own as well, so you can serve is a...

  • Chicken Bacon Canapés

    3 years ago

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods, LLC. for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

    Oh my goodness I've been so busy lately, but on the other hand I am so happy that we still eat homemade meals and we don't have to sacrifice on the quality. Last weekend we used...

  • Eggplant Ikra Spread

    3 years ago

    Ikra is a spread that is used as an appetizer or a dinner side dish. It's very common to see this dish in homes of Easter Europeans or even at the restaurants. The dish itself is so simple, with just a few ingredients, while it has been loved for generations.

    Now that summer is approaching, this is the one dish to keep in mind when you visit farmers markets. The wonderful thing is that...

  • Easy Homemade Tortillas

    3 years ago

    If I can make it at home, I refuse to buy it. Even organic foods nowadays add weird stuff to it. That's why I try to challenge myself to prepare homemade meals.

    There is really no difficulty with these Homemade Tortillas. It's easier than making crepes, and I am sure most of you have made them. These also taste much better than the store bought. We kept on grabbing and eating them in...

  • The Perfect 5 Minute Asparagus

    3 years ago

    As you've probably noticed in previous lunch menu ideas, Tim (my hubby) has a major obsession with asparagus. He swears that this secret recipe is the ideal asparagus recipe. I recently took it to the test, while on a family cabin trip. Everyone loved it, it was the talk of the evening and later my sister called me for a recipe.

    This recipe is so so easy that I am not even including...

  • 5 Minute Garlic Avocado Spread

    3 years ago

    If I have avocado on hand, nine out of ten times I end up making this avocado spread. Not only because it takes a few minutes to make, but the fact hat it's seriously the BOMB. This is a recipe I've been using from my teen years, in fact, it got me hooked on avocados. I didn't share this till now, because it's so simple. But now that I think about it, I don't want any of you to miss out on...

  • Sauteed Mushroom Appetizer

    3 years ago

    Well hello, I have something to get off my chest! I feel like I know you guys better, because of our recent vlog and all of you responded back with all those comments, thank you!

    Now, speaking of this recipe. If you want to look like you slaved in the kitchen, this is you dish! It's a fancy-schmancy looking thing and pretty darn tasty. A...

  • Simple Tea Sandwiches

    3 years ago

    Simple Tea Sandwiches are an all time classic in Easter Europe. As little kids we grew up eating those, not only at tea parties, but at times they were served as a meal.

    This particular recipe has a little twist to a classic. The garlicky cream cheese with some roasted zucchini is a bomb combination. Overall it's a killer sandwich.

  • Crab Mushroom Canapés

    3 years ago

    Hot canapes with melted cheesy tops are always such a hit. Especially, when you pair two very flavorful foods together like crab and mushrooms you will have yourself a party in the mouth. No joke this stuff is amazing, I can see this recipe being a November hit.

    Sometimes (or most of the time) when I daydream about food, these type of recipes come to life. I think of different...

  • 5 Minute Nachos Recipe

    3 years ago

    I am having a very lazy first week of boys back to school. Besides making Zuppa Toscana and few other easy things, we have mostly been eating nachos. Boys call them chips pizza, they call everything with melted cheese a pizza.

    You get to control the amount and type of ingredients you add to nachos. You can easily add cooked Mexican rice, other varieties of beans , jalapeños, different...