• Naan Bread

    5 years ago

    Recently, when we visited the San Francisco, we got a chance to try Indian food for the first time. We came across naan bread, which is supposedly the biggest part of the Indian food. The bread was so amazing, that we went back for lunch a few days after. Each time we ordered several breads to take out. Oh boy, if I only knew how good...

  • Easter Bread

    5 years ago

    In Northern Europe, making Kulich/Easter Bread, is a big part of an Easter celebration. Traditional Easter Bread consists of a round shaped, sweet tasting bread with raisins.

    This is my all time favorite recipe for the Easter Bread. I've made it many times and have never been disappointed. The process seems to be never ending, but it's actually pretty simple. You may want to make extra...

  • Whole Wheat Banana Bread Recipe

    5 years ago

    Usually, when I grocery shop, I buy 3x the amount of bananas that I think we can eat. Most of the time, boys snack on them and before you know, they are all gone.

    In situations when we're left with bananas that are very ripe, I use it to make the banana bread. Lately, I have been making a whole wheat version. This recipe is a bit healthier than the original (recipe/208), the texture of...

  • Quick Wheat Buns

    5 years ago

    I hardly ever buy bread. And with (recipe/160) and (recipe/230) recipes, there is really no point to buy bread that is made with ingredients that I wouldn't use at home. The only trouble I ran into, is that both of those breads require preparing the dough, the night before.

    The moment I dug out this recipe, I realized its potential. After making a few adjustments to the recipe, making...

  • Easy Whole Wheat Baguette

    5 years ago

    I like Panera Bread for mostly for their whole grain baguette. I've ran a few samples of recipes, based on techniques from a successful recipe of (recipe/160), to create an experience, similar to the whole grain baguette. For enrichment, I've specifically selected flax and chia seeds, because of its nutrients; I was glad to see them also taste good in the final product.

    The overall...

  • Russian Sweet Piroshky

    5 years ago

    A friend of mine brought those piroshki one day to school and shared them with me. I made my mom call her mom and get a recipe. Ever since then they have become my family's favorite. This dough is perfect for any sweet filled piroshki; I prefer poppy seeds for filling. If you are in for savory piroshki, I have you covered with my sister's recipe - (recipe/138). I've been learning my camera and...

  • Cheesy Bread Pulls

    5 years ago

    This is just an amazing creation to the bread that I absolutely LOVE, (recipe/160). You have to serve cheesy bread pulls while it is still hot and cheese is all melted...hmm, hmm good. To make it a lighter meal, I would suggest serving it with a fresh green salad and maybe sharing it with other people at the table, lol!

  • Banana Bread Recipe

    6 years ago

    There is something about holidays that gets everyone in the mood for baking. I have been using this banana bread recipe for years. This is actually one of my husband's favorite breads, so for us, this has stuck around for a while.

  • Oatmeal Wheat Bread

    6 years ago

    I've tried making whole wheat bread many times before. It always turned out very hard and not too tasty. Finally, after many trials and errors, and by combining many recipes, I came up with this bread. Its concept is very similar to a french bread. This bread works wonderful for sandwiches.

  • Moscow Buns

    6 years ago

    First of all, I want to say how happy I am to finally find this recipe. It took me so long to get here and I've been craving these for such a long time. In 2004, when I went back to Ukraine to visit, I looked everywhere for these buns and no one sold them.

    Finally I found out about this book that was written in 1940 by Plotnikov & Kolesnikov (Плотников П.М., Колесников М.Ф. - 350...