• Moscow Buns

    6 years ago

    First of all, I want to say how happy I am to finally find this recipe. It took me so long to get here and I've been craving these for such a long time. In 2004, when I went back to Ukraine to visit, I looked everywhere for these buns and no one sold them.

    Finally I found out about this book that was written in 1940 by Plotnikov & Kolesnikov (Плотников П.М., Колесников М.Ф. - 350...

  • Banana Zucchini Bread

    6 years ago

    As many of you have notices that I am a little obsessed with zucchini recipes. There are dozens of them on our blog, just search for "zucchini", you will understand what I mean.

    This bread is moist and fluffy, with all the melted chocolate chips it's almost like a brownies. This bread is a true treat!

  • No Knead Bread

    6 years ago

    The overall process of making this bread is quite simple, although the process does take time. I've adapted to leaving the dough overnight or making it early in the morning and letting it sit through the day. And if for any reason, you happen to want to delay the project, you can safely refrigerate the dough for up to four days.

    I think so highly of this bread recipe that I think every...

  • French Bread

    6 years ago

    I made this bread the other day and it was just like store bought, but of course tasted better, since it was homemade. We munched through two loafs of bread pretty quickly. This is another simple recipe worth trying.

    I love my...

  • No Knead Bread-long loaf

    6 years ago

    My mom makes bread for whole family every week. I know back in days in Ukraine in small town it was necessary to know how to bake bread. I tried learning from mom and every time my bread wasn’t nearly as good as moms. Now with this bread I try to compete with mom, lol… I love the taste of this bread, my husband loves it even more and he is from family where they don’t really eat any bread....