• Egg Tortilla Cakes

    5 years ago

    We have been living in house with my mom and she always has whole lot of grand kids over. Well I decided to be the good aunt and make kids this fun breakfast. Its easy and fun making it… so go ahead and change it up a bit for breakfast.

  • Pita Pockets

    5 years ago

    I love pita pockets, there are many different ways to stuff them. I think next time I am having big party this will be on my list. It is easy to set up several different options for filling and your guest can assemble it themselves. Also if you are packing lunch for your kids, this would be an awesome option instead of regular bread. Here is my favorite way to assemble pita pocket.

  • Hazelnut Triple Chocolate Biscotti

    5 years ago

    Updated May 29, 2013

    Biscotti is a dessert that is well known in Italy. They are twice baked, dessert type of biscuits, most commonly known to be made with almonds. This recipe may not be a classic recipe, but combining many different flavors of chocolate and hazelnuts makes a perfect rich biscotti.

    Originally, I was introduced to biscotti by our landlord, when my family just...

  • Potato Pancakes Recipe

    5 years ago

    Updated: April 9, 2014
    Potato pancakes are very popular in Slavic community, in terms of breakfast. It's a combination of a very few simple ingredients such as potatoes, onion, eggs, seasoning and, on some occasions, even flour. Crunchy edges of the potato pancakes were my favorite, during childhood. I often asked mom to fry my piece for a longer time to make it extra crispy.

  • Tomato Three Cheese Omelet

    5 years ago

    If you are looking for hearty breakfast and want to avoid pancakes, waffles and bacon this would be a healthier choice. There are so many options for making an omelet, using mushrooms, bell peppers, cheese, spinach etc. You can customize the flavor of your omelet by adding your favorite type of cheese.

  • Sandwich “ Surprise”

    5 years ago

    Updated January 29, 2013

    This a simple sandwich that is a slice of bread and an egg in the middle. Just something different for breakfast!

  • Banana Oladi Pancakes

    5 years ago

    My mom back in Ukraine made Oladi for us very often, we would eat them with milk and jam. Bananas were something that you eat once every 5 years :). Now I feel blessed to spoil my kids with such a cool breakfast.

  • Baked Rice Pudding

    5 years ago

    Updated January 30, 2013

    This rice pudding is a family recipe. Grandma prepared it for us in a wood burning stove.

    I've modified my own recipe to include condensed milk that gets carmelized during baking. It makes the good recipe, even better. Yumm, yumm!!!

  • Whole Wheat Mushroom Sandwich

    5 years ago

    Very easy to make sandwich and you can save few bucks :). My husband described it this way, when you bite into it it has this softness from melted cheese, and crust form mushrooms and spinach.

  • Grandmas Strawberry Scones

    5 years ago

    Those scones remind me of grandma, she often made them when we would come over to hang out at her place. Scones are pretty popular now a days. Starbucks sells blueberry scones, but in my opinion, you cannot compare them to homemade, warm out the oven…yummy

    Few tips that I learned over the years of making those scones:

    The secret to perfectly soft scones is not to over work the...