• Ranch Roasted Potatoes

    6 years ago

    Updated August 6, 2013.

    Who doesn't like potatoes? Some of the most popular recipes on Pinterest and Foodgawker are potato dishes.

    A while back I placed a visit to a friend of mine, she is a professional chef and made those for lunch. I was very curious for the secret behind...

  • Stuffed Potatoes

    6 years ago

    When we got married, I made potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My husband complained that all I know how to make is potatoes. Well, I am Ukrainian!!! Lol, that’s all we ate. Well after many complains, I stopped. I learned how to make many more different meals that did not have potatoes in them. My Ukrainian blood still wants some potatoes so I made this version of them. I totally made...

  • Baked Potato

    6 years ago

    Want easy??? Cant get easier then this, and taste healthy, simple and yummy. If you loved baked potatoes, this is how its done :)

  • Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

    6 years ago

    This a simple way to make a Teriyaki chicken, its basically only about choosing juicy meat and great sauce. Letting the chicken marinate and the best way to get great tasting texture is to grill the chicken.

    During the winter time I use...

  • Potato Casserole Twist

    6 years ago

    Why is it a twist? Well its combination of my and my husband’s favorite dish. I love any potato casserole and when I made it before it was only me eating it. He loves “Potatoes in Whipping cream & Mushrooms”. This time I made it very similar but added cheese to it and of course I baked potatoes. Yumminess!!!! Having whipping cream there made it taste so much better. And mushrooms, ooohh my...

  • Mushroom Lasagna

    6 years ago

    Updated: December 17, 2012

    This lasagna is not a typical one that is sold at stores. Often, store bough lasagnas have large amounts of sauce and small amounts of good cheese and/or meat. This dish is fairly easy to make and will make your guests be in awe from your Italian cooking. While making this dish, I like to make an extra one for a friend or freeze one for a busy day.


  • Guilty Mashed Potatoes

    6 years ago

    Definitely guilty potatoes… but just the way my husband loves them. I make potatoes with cheese, garlic and some many other different things but this is hubbys favorite. He is one of those people, the more butter the better. This definitely has lots of butter. Honestly, it does taste yummy :)

  • Stewed Cabbage with Meat

    6 years ago

    Well, speaking of hiding whole bunch of veggies in meal for kids, this is the way to go. For us moms its an easy meal to make. I made whole bunch of it, hoping to have left overs for next day, well next day when I checked, most of it was gone. Well I am off to cooking again….

    Preparing this dish...

  • Rice Stuffed Chicken Thighs

    6 years ago

    Stuffed Chicken Thigh are also knows for being called "Solomon Golubtsi". They are known to be served at Slavic weddings as one of the main dishes. In our family we prepare them for holidays and special celebrations.

    This dish has a nice balance of meat and rice. I like the tenderizer chicken around the rice with baked crispy skin of the chicken.

  • Traditional Cabbage Rolls

    6 years ago

    Most people don’t cover their cabbage rolls with sauce. I think that creamy sauce makes it so much better. Great way to make them is by making double the recipe and freeze some for another time. I also like to take some to my friend that has a new born, this makes great dish.

    Here is another recipe for cabbage rolls, it has more pictures... (recipe/212)