• Johnsonville Beer Bratwurst Grilling Party

    3 years ago

    I made this dish using Johnsonville® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SausageFamily

    What can be better than having friends over for an outdoor dinner? I love company and serving people delicious dinner is always a must.

    The other day we unexpectedly invited our friends over. I knew I had no time to prepare dinner and had no desire to cook in my already hot kitchen....

  • The Perfect 5 Minute Grilled Chicken

    3 years ago

    I was debating about sharing this recipe, Only 3 Ingredients, is it really a recipe? But you know what, to me it has been the perfect recipe for years. We absolutely love this recipe, perfect for summer picnics and camps.

    The dressing makes chicken extra moist and the flavors are balanced so well.

    I would really recommend doubling up the recipe or you may have no leftovers. We...

  • Chicken and Mushrooms with Asparagus Recipe

    3 years ago

    In our family, we eat a lot of fruits and veggies. We love them and I have to restock every few days. But one thing that I have been trying to add, is more protein. This chicken dish came out of need for more protein. The flavors were right on, it's light in calories, simple and quick to prepare. Tim, my hubby, loved it and asked me to be sure to pack leftover for his work lunch.


  • Quick Stir Fry Recipe

    3 years ago

    Who doesn't like stir fry? On my, in our family we just love, love it! When a friend of mine told me her quick way of making this dish, I was in love with the idea. I told her that the recipe is definitely coming to this blog.

    Vegetables can easily be replaced with any of your favorites. Beef short ribs, that I am using, are very thinly sliced. You can use any other cut of beef or...

  • Sesame Chicken Salad

    3 years ago

    Whenever we visit a Teriyaki restaurant, boys usually take the rice off my plate, and I get my favorite part, chicken and salad. So, I had this idea of a similar salad recipe for the longest time and it finally came together.

    The salad is just as great the next day, so long as the meat is separate from veggies. Just add dressing right before serving the salad.

    The dressing you...

  • Slow-Cooker Beef and Barley Recipe

    3 years ago

    You guys often ask for slow cooker recipes and I am on a mission to fulfill your desires :) This dish is inspired by Pilaf recipe, but with a healthier twist to it. Barley is a whole grain that has a lot of great nutrients, it will keep you filled for hours, making it a great option for those who are trying to eat healthier.

    You don't have to precook the meat...

  • One Pot Chicken Rice Bake

    3 years ago

    So many of you have been asking for one pot dishes, aren't they awesome? I was given this recipe by a friend of a friend, at a party. When people find out that I am blogger, they often talk about their favorite dishes. I mentally take notes and recreate those dishes at home.

    This dish indeed is loaded with flavors. With such a huge variety of ingredients, it makes the dish very fancy....

  • Simple Roast Turkey Recipe

    3 years ago

    Many of you have tried the turkey recipe from last year. All the Instagram posts and feedback was wonderful, I am so happy you loved that recipe. This year I am sharing another one my favorite recipes, and at this point I cannot figure out which one I like more. I do like the extra crispy skin on this recipe and the extremely...

  • One Pot Beef & Broccoli Recipe

    3 years ago

    One pot meals have been the thing in our house lately. Not only the fact that I like quick meals and not that I am getting lazy with washing dishes. It turned out perfect in one pot. All of those flavors form the meat, went into broccoli and the sauce, yummeee... one pot idea is Genius! I have a gut feeling that all of you would love this recipe, just as much as Beef Lo Mein...

  • Turkey Necks Recipe

    4 years ago

    Some of you may be thinking that I am out of my mind to cook turkey necks. But the neck meat is a delicious part of the turkey. As a child, chicken neck was my favorite, although there was hardly any meat. Turkey necks have a decent amount of meat and they are similar in flavor to the chicken. Now, I prepare this dish very often for the family, everyone loves it and treats it as delicacy....