• Stuffed Zucchinis Cups

    6 years ago

    I have been zucchini obsessed; have made five different meals with zucchini in past 2 weeks. I have served this to guest on few different occasions and they liked it. Something we don’t see often and great for kinder foods too when you are serving a lot of people. Idea for this recipe came from pinterest, I have also mixed in some of the Slavic basics.

  • Russian pastry Chebureki

    6 years ago

    Chebyreki is a common Russian pastry that is filled with savory filling, usually ground meat. You can find Chebureki at any of the street markets in Russia.

    The dough, for Chebureki Recipe, is made with yeast and rolled out very thin. Optionally, you can use the uncooked tortillas, as they make a very similar texture to the original dough.

    I love this dish because of the...

  • Messy Burger

    6 years ago

    My friend posted picture of this amazing burger with mushrooms and it was hunting me until I made one. I know ordering burgers at some restaurant isn’t the healthy choice. I got lean meat, Kraft burger seasoning(in cheese section). I was looking for thin but good tasting buns for while at the store yesterday and nothing looked appealing so I decided to make my own, fresh at home with my bread...

  • Focaccia Sandwich

    6 years ago

    I have tried this sandwich about year ago and I always remember how delish it was. Recently I finally got in contact with friend of my Alla and she shared this recipe with me. I have never used Foccacia bread or basil pesto sauce in my kitchen and now I am in love with it. The flavor on the bread and sauce is wonderful.

  • Beef Stew Gravy

    6 years ago

    This beef gravy is flavorful and tender from a long cooking process. It does take quite a bit of time for cooking but preparation is very simple for this dish. The gravy goes well with many dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, buckwheat, macaroni or barley. So I would suggest making some extra and by preparing something different to go with the gravy you will get a completely new dish.

  • Garlic Toasted Sandwich

    6 years ago

    Updated July 16, 2013

    During the summer it has been hard to cook in a hot kitchen. I've instead been preparing sandwiches more often.

    The secret behind this recipe, is the toasted bread, flavored with garlic flavors. It adds one of the best taste to the sandwich. Inner-ingredients can be substituted, with your favorite meats, veggies or cheese. As long as the bread is prepared...

  • Scottish Egg Wrap

    6 years ago

    One of our page followers sent me link to this Russian recipe site. I spent all day looking through all the recipes, and my mouth was watering. I made this for lunch the other day. I can remember flavor of each bite, it tasted really healthy. Reminds me of our “tiftelki” with just surprise inside. It worked wonderful with salad. I think it taste best when it just comes off skillet and hot or...

  • Turkey Lettuce Wrap

    6 years ago

    I am on hunt for healthy meals and creating healthy life style for my family. It is huge challenge for me. Growing up in Ukrainian family that eats potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner with whole lot of pork just makes things much worst. If you have been following my journey you can tell that I have weakness with carbs. Well honestly I felt like all wraps should be done this way and I don’...

  • Savory Piroshky

    6 years ago

    We have this awesome Russian store in Auburn, when we are in area in the morning we always stop by for fresh Piroshky and coffee. Well guess what? This Piroshky taste way better, and I am so thankful that my sister shared this recipe with me. I have so much going on right now but I don’t want to put this recipe a site, I want all of you to make it ASAP , no joke. Lol… My husband said that they...

  • Stuffed Potatoes

    6 years ago

    When we got married, I made potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My husband complained that all I know how to make is potatoes. Well, I am Ukrainian!!! Lol, that’s all we ate. Well after many complains, I stopped. I learned how to make many more different meals that did not have potatoes in them. My Ukrainian blood still wants some potatoes so I made this version of them. I totally made...