• Russian Cobb Salad Recipe

    3 years ago

    Lately I have gained extra love for salads. If I can turn a salad into a full meal by adding some protein, it's a Huge win. Cakes and pastries get way more exposure and likes on social media, but I want to stay true to myself and shares meals with you that our family really enjoys. This one can easily be served for kids also, I would skip on the onions and dill if I was to serve it for kids...

  • Arugula Caprese Salad

    3 years ago

    Are you into Italian dinners at your home? We are, especially when hosting. You can never go wrong with them and people always leave impressed, and that's all that matters :)

    This salad is so simple. It's light, but filing at the same time. I was inspired by one of the YouTube vlogs I was watching, can't remember which one it was. I am glad I bummed into this idea.

    My exact...

  • Broccoli Cucumber and Tomato Salad

    4 years ago

    The other day, I was looking over all salad recipes on the blog and was so surprised to find that this salad isn't here yet. This is my go to salad on so many occasions. I love it because it holds the texture well, so you can still eat the leftovers later. Plus, all the ingredients in this salad I usually have on hand.

    Well, there you go, you have it now. You will love it. Don't forget...

  • Beet Carrot and Cabbage Salad

    4 years ago

    We recently attended a family wedding party and my cousins were preparing all types of dishes, too many of them. This salad stood out the most to me and I made sure to get the recipe down. We stayed till after the wedding and had dinner there, and you've guessed it, I had seconds.

    There were a few adjustments that I've made to the recipe, to simplify the steps, but the flavors are...

  • Sesame Chicken Salad

    4 years ago

    Whenever we visit a Teriyaki restaurant, boys usually take the rice off my plate, and I get my favorite part, chicken and salad. So, I had this idea of a similar salad recipe for the longest time and it finally came together.

    The salad is just as great the next day, so long as the meat is separate from veggies. Just add dressing right before serving the salad.

    The dressing you...

  • Tuna Cobb Salad

    4 years ago

    This salad was inspired by an idea to just eat something really healthy. My husband Tim decided that he wants to be on a diet and I don't mind it at all, because he really needs to clean out his system after all those chocolates, see his story on our vlog. Plus, I now started a 12 week workout program, of which I will update you later, so I need...

  • Quick Bacon Brussel Sprouts Salad

    4 years ago

    In our family, we love brussel sprouts, especially when they are at their peak of the season. They look like tiny, little cabbages, but hold more flavor than a cabbage. They are so great for your health and can fill you up easily for hours. Last year, right before Thanksgiving, we had a recipe for Feta Garlic Brussel Sprouts posted and it got well liked, especially on...

  • Canned Green Tomato Salad Recipe

    4 years ago

    Last year one of my Instagram friends shared this canned tomato salad recipe with me. It was too late into the season and my mom's garden didn't have any tomatoes to spare. As a child I, remember eating green tomatoes, preserved, they were one of my favorite things. I don't care so much for canned red tomatoes, but the green ones are so delicious.

    I like having canned salads on hand for...

  • Grilled Zucchini and Mushrooms

    4 years ago

    As many of you know from my Instagram, I've been cooking the entire last week at a church's kid's camp. It was such an exhausting week physically on my body, so we've decided to just take a weekend off, to relax at Seaside. We do love to travel and always bring home so many memories, but this trip was special, weather was great. We've relaxed at the...

  • Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe

    4 years ago

    Cucumbers are finally in season and my mother's garden has a few already. Meanwhile, I've been stocking my fridge from a local market, they sell those natural cucumbers, straight from the farm.

    This creamy cucumber salad is very refreshing on a hot summer day. The combination of cucumbers and sour cream may sound odd, but taste so perfect, and together with herbs and garlic, has an...