• Cabbage Salad

    5 years ago

    When I think of this salad, I think of spring time. You have nothing else at home, I am sure you will have cabbage. Adding some other fresh ingredients, such as cucumber and tomatoes. This shouldn't even be called recipe, its just an idea for all of us.

  • Fresh Cauliflower Salad

    5 years ago

    This salad has been a family staple for years, it makes to every family celebration. I tried adding a few new things to this salad, cucumber and garlic. I love how crunchy and healthy this salad is. Definitely a keeper.

  • Spinach Balsamic Salad

    5 years ago

    I discovered really good dressing, it has this sour taste. Best part about it is that its only 25 calories per serving (Caesar has 140).

  • Asian Toasted Spinach Salad

    5 years ago

    This is more of an idea, rather than a recipe. All of these indigence work wonderful together.

  • Vinaigrette Salad

    5 years ago

    If you are person with Slavic origins you probably have made or ate this salad at some point. So really this is not some discovery to a new recipe and I don’t have any special twist to it. But for those who never tried it this is very easy to make salad and it is full of very good vitamins.

    I use...