• Gyro and Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    5 years ago

    My family and I have a habit to seek out unique restaurants, especially while on trips. Not too long ago, while trapped on the busy, downtown streets of San Francisco, we stopped by a run-down Mediterranean restaurant and were completely blown away by the food. The food was so incredible, that we brought back the experience into our own kitchen.

    For this dish, you will need...

  • Steak Sandwich Recipe

    6 years ago

    This sandwich is the "bomb"! My husband loves steak and I am too bored with a simple slice of meat. To mix things up a bit, I made this sandwich for dinner the other day and it turned out heavenly.

    Flavorful steak with sweetness from onions, some melted cheese and a kick of garlic, yumm!

    Tips listed in this recipe:

    • An easy way to prepare a perfect steak that is moist...
  • Salmon Tea Sandwiches

    6 years ago

    These are just too simple to make, but at the same time, such an elegant appetizer. The combination of cream cheese, herbs, cucumber and smocked salmon, tastes perfect in every bite. I promise you, when you make it for your next hosting event, every single one of them will be gone by the end of the party.

  • Egg & Sprats Canapes

    6 years ago

    Updated December 28, 2014.

    These sandwiches are very unique and often receive a lot of attention at parties. The ingredients that are combined together, create the perfect bite of flavors. Our boys are huge fans of those sandwiches, they often ask to add more fish to theirs.

    Smoked canned sprats are common in European countries. They can be found in many European markets. If you...

  • Bruschetta Sandwich

    6 years ago

    Updated October 9, 2013

    Bruschetta is one of my favorite sandwiches. Typically it’s toasted bread with garlic, olive oil and loaded with veggie as topping. This sandwich is more on healthier side and looks very colorful. Even though bruschetta sandwiches originated from Italy, it still reminds of home. When we were little, my mother would toast leftover bread with oil, load it with...

  • Focaccia Sandwich

    6 years ago

    I have tried this sandwich about year ago and I always remember how delish it was. Recently I finally got in contact with friend of my Alla and she shared this recipe with me. I have never used Foccacia bread or basil pesto sauce in my kitchen and now I am in love with it. The flavor on the bread and sauce is wonderful.

  • Garlic Toasted Sandwich

    6 years ago

    Updated July 16, 2013

    During the summer it has been hard to cook in a hot kitchen. I've instead been preparing sandwiches more often.

    The secret behind this recipe, is the toasted bread, flavored with garlic flavors. It adds one of the best taste to the sandwich. Inner-ingredients can be substituted, with your favorite meats, veggies or cheese. As long as the bread is prepared...

  • Sandwich “Surprise”

    6 years ago

    Updated January 29, 2013

    This a simple sandwich that is a slice of bread and an egg in the middle. Just something different for breakfast!

  • Whole Wheat Mushroom Sandwich

    6 years ago

    Very easy to make sandwich and you can save few bucks :). My husband described it this way, when you bite into it it has this softness from melted cheese, and crust form mushrooms and spinach.