• Cold Smoked Salmon

    5 years ago

    Most of you have probably tried smoked salmon from Costco. It is delicious no matter how you eat it. I was challenged to make a recipe, just as well tasting, running tests in my kitchen, wasting salmon, up until it worked.

    This recipe totally lives up to the amazing cold smoked salmon, but for a fraction of the cost. If you try this recipe, I don't think you will ever go back to...

  • Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea Puree

    6 years ago

    I don't know how many of you watch Top Chef. I do, pretty much every episode of the show. The last one was one of my favorite ones, because it was all recorded in my home city, Seattle. With a cruise taken to Alaska, it reminded me of the cruise we took with my husband, Alaska Cruise Review.

    Well, back to the point. During one of the shows, on Top Chef, a pea...

  • Salmon Tea Sandwiches

    6 years ago

    These are just too simple to make, but at the same time, such an elegant appetizer. The combination of cream cheese, herbs, cucumber and smocked salmon, tastes perfect in every bite. I promise you, when you make it for your next hosting event, every single one of them will be gone by the end of the party.

  • Fish Cakes

    6 years ago

    I love fish. Making this fish cakes was a great success, absolutely delicious. The cakes turned out to be very flavorful, soft and moist.

    I decided to make the cakes when I was making (recipe/162), I was worried about wasting small pieces of fish, so I turned it into the ground fish. There was completely no waste to any of the fish.

  • Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

    6 years ago

    Updated May 29, 2013
    I've tried several different recipes for stuffed mushrooms in the past, this one in particular has stuck around with me for many years. This recipe has earned much compliments throughout the years. As a matter of a fact, this is the exact recipe that made me like mushrooms in the first place.

  • Baked Sweet Salmon

    6 years ago

    I love the fishing season. Fresh salmon from river is my favorite... My aunt shared this recipe with me. Salmon tends to be dry when you bake it. This recipe makes it juicy and gives it little sweet taste.

  • Cured Salmon

    6 years ago

    If you are familiar with Russian Seledka/Herring this reminds me of it in some sort of way. Salmon does have a different flavor but that is the closest thing that I could think of.

    This salmon works great as an addition to an egg breakfast or a simple salmon sandwich with some veggies.

  • California Sushi Bowl

    6 years ago

    Updated March 18, 2013

    I used to make homemade sushi, until I realized that I was just wasting time. Since my kids and husband din't care to eat rolled sushi, I decided to make a sushi bowl instead. The idea for the sushi bowl came from my old coworker, she use to own a sushi restaurant and shared a few tricks.

    I won't be listing ingredients amounts. Just build as you wish, or...

  • Shuba (Fur Coat Salad)

    6 years ago

    Updated: October 19, 2012

    I know that not everyone is a fan of shuba. I used to not like it either! Then I tried this type of shuba at my friend’s house.

    I was sitting at a dinner table and she kept on asking for me to try it. I was thinking - here you go, now how do I get out of this. Well, I decided to give it a try and here I went for more and more refills. The difference with...

  • Puffs with Crab

    6 years ago

    Updated October 22, 2013
    Crunchy on the outside and a nice hit of crab meat on the inside, that's what makes this a delicious appetizer. These cook quick and the preparation is very simple.

    As a tip - these crab puffs go wonderfully with Sweet and Sour Sauce.