• Drunken Cherry Cake Roll Recipe

    2 years ago

    Drunken cherry cake is one of my favorite cakes. It's traditionally also a Russian cake, just look at the first ingredient on the list, it tells you a lot, lol.

    I love this as a cake roll, because you get so much more of that creamy texture on the inside. The cake is very moist with that kick to it, making it a perfect cake for a feast. With New Years around the corner, this is the...

  • White Chocolate Cranberry Cake

    2 years ago

    I really wanted to post a cake before Christmas that you all can be excited about. I had a few cakes in mind, like dark chocolate cakes, but this one kept on coming to my mind. I think a cranberry cake is only appropriate before the Holidays and I am excited for all of you to try this one.

    I love the combination of cranberry and white chocolate. If you like moist cakes, I would suggest...

  • Napoleon Log Cake Recipe

    2 years ago

    Covered with snow-white flakes, this Napoleon Log Cake is a perfect fit for this cool season. If you aren't a baker, this will be your go to recipe. The cake takes a few minutes to put together and it turns out absolutelly delicious.

    I love the Dulce De Leche in this cream, it adds great caramel flavor between crispy pieces of puff pastry.

  • Christmas Cookie Ball Pops

    2 years ago

    I love making cake pops, both kids and adults enjoy them. However, one of the biggest challenges I have, when making cake pops, is finding all of those special cake ingredients.

    I enjoyed this simplified version of cake pops. I was able to make a quick stop at QFC, aka Kroger, and get all of my...

  • Easy Birthday Cake Roulade Recipe

    2 years ago

    Last month was a birthday month at our place, it was my 30th and Ethan's 6th. I kept this cake till this month, because I wanted to suggest a few ways of making it. If you're doing your holiday baking now, you can always change the color of your cake sprinkles and you got yourself a Christmas cake. But for other times of the year, you can keep it just the way I made it.

    There is a very...

  • Sweet Cheese Bourekas

    2 years ago

    Sweet Cheese Bourekas are delicious Middle Eastern hand pies. They make a perfect dessert or a breakfast treat.

    Holiday season is all about baking, but it's also a very busy time. That's why I love these easy quick recipes, they make all baking hassle free.

    I tried puff pastry from a few different stores and so far my favorite is from Trader Joe's. I think they use the better...

  • 10 Minute Pumpkin Croissants

    2 years ago

    Pumpkin season has been here for a few weeks. I've been meaning to share this recipe with you guys for a few years now. If you love pumpkin pastries, you will love this one.

    My friend showed me this trick and she said that it has always been a hit in their family. Plus, who wouldn't love a recipe with just 4 ingredients.

  • Quick Apple Tarts Recipe

    2 years ago

    Quick Apple Tarts should be your fall staple. Absolutely timeless and incredible!! You can easily serve them for those unexpected guests, just pop them in the oven and in under 15 minutes you will have them all prepared. I would suggest serving them hot with some ice cream on a side; so good.

    One thing I love about this specific recipe, is the way condensed milk changes up the flavors...

  • Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

    2 years ago

    Working outside of home, my time is very limited, so we often fallback to store-bough treats. Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe came in handy on the day I was running out of time and needed a dessert for the evening. It came out to be so much better tasting than the store bough.

    When we go for cruises or Las Vegas buffets, this is one of our favorite treats. It satisfies you within the first...

  • Quick Apple Cake Recipe

    2 years ago

    A Quick Apple Cake Recipe is a must on my blog. First of all, I live in the Apple state and second, these are the type of cakes my mama used to make in my childhood. As I've previously mentioned, we lived on a small farm and she had five kids, there was no time for fancy cake baking. This is the type of treat we had as little kids.

    Speaking of apples, we love apples in desserts and...