Cured Salmon Recipe

If you are familiar with Russian Seledka/Herring this reminds me of it in some sort of way. Salmon does have a different flavor but that is the closest thing that I could think of.

This salmon works great as an addition to an egg breakfast or a simple salmon sandwich with some veggies.

Serving size:
1 hr 15 min
Ready in
16 hr 40 min


Dry Salmon fillet with paper towel. Salt each side of salmon generously. Place in fridge for 12-18 hours.
Rinse salmon under cold water; let it sit for few minutes in water.
Slice sideways (you get larger slice), very thin pieces. I tried to do it as thin as possible.
Place salmon in a dish, cover with oil and diced onions.
Let all ingredients sit for at least an hour before serving.

Note: If you will end up cleaning Salmon your self, I would suggest to search for some youtube videos with directions.

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