Baked Sweet Salmon Recipe

I love the fishing season. Fresh salmon from river is my favorite... My aunt shared this recipe with me. Salmon tends to be dry when you bake it. This recipe makes it juicy and gives it little sweet taste.

Serving size:
45 min
1 hr
Ready in
1 hr 45 min


Bring salty water to boil. During that time, slice salmon in pieces, your choice of size. Boil them in salty water for 5-10 minutes, making sure not to over cook, otherwise they will fall apart.
Sautee chopped onions and grated carrots with olive oil in large pan, until golden brown. In the end pour ketchup. Let it sauttee for 3 more minutes.
Take out fish and place it in ceramic baking dish, spread ketchup mixture all over the fish, add ½ cup of water to fish. Bake at 375F for an hour.

Can be served cold or warm.

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