Russian Pancakes Oladi Recipe

Updated July 30, 2013

This is a very easy Oladi recipe. I have been making these for breakfast when I am in a hurry. It has been happening a lot lately, especially me being in a hurry to get my son to school on time.
This recipe is also another one of the family traditions, passed on by my mother, who also made them every morning before school. They tasted so good with sour cream and jam, definitely a treat. We were raised in a village and had plenty of milk coming from two cows, so buttermilk was always available for the recipe. I appreciate this version of Oladi, they are fluffy and light.

Serving size:
10 min
25 min
Ready in
35 min


Whisk eggs together with buttermilk, salt and sugar. Add flour and baking powder to the mixture.
Heat up the pan with oil, until sizzling hot. Turn heat to medium and using a tablespoon, pour small amounts of dough onto the pan.
Saute on each side until golden brown. In between every batch add more oil to the skillet.
Serve them while they are still warm, they will be little crispy on the sides.
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