Cabbage Rolls Recipe

I don't make cabbage rolls often, as they seem to be costing too much work, like boiling a huge cabbage head in a pot of water. But this is a very exciting tip that I learned recently. The trick is to freeze the cabbage head in advance and defrost it right before you plan to make the cabbage rolls; making it perfectly soft to make the rolls. I would suggest freezing the cabbage at least for a week.

Traditionally rolls are made with rice and meat, just like I made it in Traditional Cabbage Rolls . This version is a little different, because it has a bit of a sweet flavor from the carrots and onions. I really like the turn out and plan to keep it as part of our family recipes.

Serving size:
    • 1
    • large Green Cabbage
    • 4
    • Large Onions; thinly diced
    • 5
    • large Carrots; grated
    • Salt and Pepper (or other seasoning); to taste
1 hr
55 min
Ready in
2 hr


Saute carrots and onions with olive oil, until golden brown. Take 1/4 of the sauted mixture and set it a side. Combine the rest of it with cooked rice, season and set it a side.
Defrosted cabbage, remove leaves from cabbage head. Cut out the hard part of the lettuce leaves.
Place the lettuce leaf in your hand, add filling, fold over lettuce into a roll. Push the top of the pocket into the filling.
Place the rolls really tight, right next to each other, in a baking dish (ceramic dish or iron dutch oven). Cover the top of the cabbage rolls with sauted onions and carrots (once you set a side).
Bake at 350F, 30-45 minutes.

Serve cabbage rolls with sour cream.

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