Grandma's White Bean Soup Recipe

This recipe was born out of an urge to create a filling, flavorful and a healthy soup for the winter. I was inspired by a similar soup that my grandmother used to make inside a pizza oven. I quickly got to work and came up with this recipe.

Tip: It's not necessary to marinate the meat, but doing so will add a greater depth of flavor to the soup.

Serving size:
    • 1
    • large Onion; marinate
    • 1
    • large Onion; for the soup
    • 2
    • large Carrots
    • Salt & Pepper; to taste
    • Dill; to garnish
30 min
2 hr
Ready in
2 hr 30 min


Cut pork into 2 inch cubes. Marinate pork cubes under the sliced onions. Press down on the onions, to produce the juice. Leave marinating overnight.
Fry all sides of the meat to golden brown. Add cubed onions and sliced carrots to the meat. Saute until golden brown.
Add white beans and hot boiled water. Lower heat to medium-low. Cook for an hour and a half. You may need to add more water as you cook the soup, as beans do tend to absorb water as they are cooking.
Serve hot, garnished with dill.
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