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I love Costco's food sampling; it's everywhere around Costco. When I do come to the store on a hungry stomach, I get pretty full by the end of the shopping trip. It was that time, when I came across the a sampling that reminded me of the home made pierogi. They were absolutely delitious, but still did not beat the taste of the home made ones.

My family calls them vareniki with potatoes. My mother made those often when we had mashed potatoes left over. When I make them today, I like to serve them with fried bacon, or to stay more fit, sometimes I substitute bacaon with Canadian sour cream.

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Serving size:
1 hr
20 min
Ready in
1 hr 20 min


Basically, for the filling we will be making mashed potatoes. Cook potatoes in salty water until they are cooked. Drain water from cooked potatoes. Mash them with some warm milk and butter.
Whisk eggs together with sour cream and milk until you get an even texture.
To the liquid ingredients, add in flour, baking powder and salt. You can combine all ingredients with a mixer, hands or using a spatula.
Making Pierogi:
Roll out the dough on a well floured surface. Cut circles out of the dough, using a cookie cutter or simply a floured glass cup.
One by one, fill dough with a filling, turn the edge over and pinch them together with your fingers. Flour the surface where you plan to place pierogi, you can place them on a cooking sheet and freeze them. For longer storage, you can shift the frozen pierogig to a ziplock bag and continue holding them in the freezer for several months.
Cooking Pierogi:
Bring 3 quarts of water to a boil. One by one, add pierogi into the boiling water. Once they will float to the top, i.e. 10-15 minutes into the cooking, pierogi are cooked.
Sautee onion to a golden brown, add pierogi to it. Fry sides of pierogi to a golden brown.
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