Summer Garden Salad Recipe

Sometimes I would just walk around, thinking of ways to combine ingredients together for a new recipe. This salad was born as a result. There was a certain flavor that I was trying to achieve with this salad, and at the end, it was a jackpot.

The secret to the goodness of this salad, is the fresh vegetable combined with the lightly softened vegetables. Feta cheese and the dressing give this salad an extra kick.

This salad is very filling and at the same time loaded with great nutrients. Preparation is very simple, just involves dicing and combining the ingredients together.

Serving size:
20 min
25 min
Ready in
45 min


Slice carrots, radishes, zucchini, carrots into thin strips. Chop scallions into small pieces. Set a side.
Preheat lightly oiled skilled to a high heat. Cook zucchini to a light brown color and just enough to soften them a bit. Season zucchini with a hint of salt. High heat is important, otherwise vegetables can become mushy. Repeat this step with carrots and corn. Place cooked ingredient to cool in a fridge.
Place all prepared ingredients side by side on a plate. Serve salad with a side of a salad dressing.
In a small bowl, combine oil together with lemon juice, pepper and garlic. Whisk all ingredient together with a fork.
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