Breakfast Quesadillas Recipe

Sometimes I wake up a bit airheaded, no ideas for breakfast, blame the sleep or the lack of coffee. Then, my husband would rush in and quickly put together a few Quesadillas. Kids call them pizzas. They absolutely love them and request it throughout the day.

Aside from cheese, ingredients can be substituted with bell peppers, chicken, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, onions or anything else you may crave for.

Serving size:
20 min
20 min
Ready in
40 min


Heat skillet over medium/high heat with 1 tablespoon of butter. Sautee sliced mushrooms until soft, set it aside.
Whisk eggs and milk in a bowl, for about 30 seconds, until combined. Pour in the whisked eggs, tilt the pan to spread it evenly across. Scoot the eggs around the skillet with a spatula, cooking slowly, until the eggs are done, set it aside.
On a half of a tortilla layer out cheese, eggs, mushrooms and again with cheese. Fold over the tortilla, to cover the inside. Place the tortilla on a buttered skillet, until golden brown, turn over to cook the other side. Cut into wedges, serve quesadillas hot with salsa or veggies.
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