Poppy Seed Buns Recipe

I'm finally sharing a recipe of an enemy of mine - the Poppy Seed Buns aka Piroshki. I have a love and hate relationship with them. We have a Russian bakery a few minutes away from home and each time I drive by that place, I'm extremely tempted to stop by for those Poppy Seed Buns. Gotta be honest, I probably give in about 80% of the time...at least not 100%; the other 20% I probably have something else baking at home.

There is something about the way those buns are rolled into a spiral shape, that causes the layers to twist into different directions, resulting in a very unique dough texture.

For this recipe you will need Perfect Yeast Pastry Dough and Poppy Seeds.

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Serving size:
2 hr
30 min
Ready in
2 hr 30 min


Roll out the dough into a long, flat piece. Into the center of the piece, place the prepared poppy seeds.
Seal both ends of the dough, keeping the poppy seeds on the inside. Roll the dough into a spiral shape. Place buns next to each other on a lined baking sheet.
Let buns rise for about an hour. Using a small bowl, whisk eggs with sugar; glaze each bun with egg mixture. Bake in preheated oven, at 350F, for about 30 minutes or until golden brown.
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