Caviar  Recipe

Caviar is considered to be a luxury delicacy and is eaten as a garnish or a spread. It is most popular in Eastern European countries.

Making your own caviar, at home, is actually very simple. Out of the whole preparation process, the most complicated part is actually cleaning fish eggs.

Serving size:
20 min
Ready in
25 min


Rinse fresh caviar under hot water, to separate fish eggs from membranes. Eggs may change color when you are working with them under water, but will change back to the original color.
Continue running eggs under water, to clean them all up.
Combine hot water together with salt. Once the salt is dissolved, add salted water to the fish eggs and leave eggs soaking with salt water for 70 seconds.
Strain out the water from eggs and place them in a glass jar, add oil to the eggs. You can keep them in a refrigerator for up to two weeks.
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