Feta Garlic Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Brussels sprouts are like mini cabbages, they cook quick and go well as a side dish. They are most commonly seen on a Thanksgiving table, almost as important as turkey and ham.

We eat brussels sprouts often as a meal on its own, because they are very filling. Combination of garlic, lemon and feta makes a perfect flavor balance.

This this dish can be prepared a couple of hours in advance.

Serving size:
20 min
15 min
Ready in
30 min


Clean and cut brussels sprouts into halves.
Into a small bowl, press garlic, zest the lemon and squeeze all of the juice from it. Add olive oil, pepper and salt to the ingredients. Toss brussels sprouts in with the oil mixture.
Bake seasoned brussels sprouts at 420F for 15 minutes or until they are golden brown. Sprinkle feta into the baked brussels sprouts.
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