Cheese Dumpling Recipe Recipe

These easy dumplings are a lazy way of making Russian Farmers Cheese Varenyky at home, in just a fraction of the time.

A friend of mine shared this recipe after her trip to Ukraine. Since my husband is a huge fan of Varenyky, but rarely do I find time and patience to make it, this recipe was a must.

P.S. This recipe is originally supposed to include farmers cheese, but instead, I chose large curd cottage cheese. The chunks of cheese still remain inside of dumplings and the taste is almost identical to the original Farmers Cheese Varenyky.

Serving size:
    • Melted Butter; for serving
    • Jam; for serving
    • Sour Cream; for serving
20 min
20 min
Ready in
40 min


Into a large bowl, combine eggs together with cottage cheese, sugar and melted butter.
Into the mixture, fold in flour in small portions. Note: depending on the flour you use, you may need to add a bit more. Dough will be sticky, but should be possible to work with, on a well floured surface.
Place dough onto a well floured surface, roll out stains of dough and cut them into one inch pieces.
Cook dumplings in small portions in a boiling water, this way they don't stick together. Drain cooked dumplings and coat with melted butter. Serve with a side of sour cream, fruits or favorite jam.
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