Fish Taco Bowl  Recipe

This Fish Taco Bowl has been inspired by my first job at a Mexican restaurant and Pinterest, I've made a whole lot of tacos in my life! This Fish Taco bowl is colorful and loaded with balanced nutrition. It stays fresh for hours, so it can make a perfect dish to take to work the next day.

I have used Sprouted Rice & Quinoa Blend in this dish, you can find it at Costco or Amazon. It goes well with fish dishes or Beef Stew Gravy, it easily became our must have food item at home.

Serving size:
    • 1 cup
    • Sprouted Rice & Quinoa Blend
    • Salt & Pepper; to taste
    • Light Olive Oil; for frying
    • 2
    • Avocado
    • 5
    • small Bell Peppers
20 min
30 min
Ready in
50 min


Cook one cup of Sprouted Rice & Quinoa Blend, per package instructions.
Season fish fillets with salt, pepper and lemon juice.
Cook it on a lightly drizzled frying pan, until both sides are golden brown and fish is cooked through.
Prepare vegetables, dice avocado into small cubes. Saute corn on a frying pan. Dice bell pepper into small cubes, and in the same pan, saute peppers until golden brown.
Layer bowl by placing rice, corn, beans, fish and top off with vegetables. Optionally, garnish with herbs and drizzle some lemon juice over it.
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