Mango Salsa Recipe  Recipe

Mango Salsa makes a perfect topping for a fish taco, side for grilled meat or just to dip chips in. It will make a great addition to any of your summer cookouts.

This salsa has a great balance between savory and sweet, and you get to decide what flavors you want more.

Serving size:
    • 1/2
    • English Cucumber
    • 1
    • Yellow Bell Pepper
    • Extra Virgin Olive OIl; to taste
    • Salt & Pepper; to taste
20 min
Ready in
20 min


Prepare ingredients; I totally forgot to include the purple onion in the picture. If you prefer salsa on a sweet side, go ahead and use the two mangoes or limit it to one, if you would like it more of the savory flavor.
Peel mango, cut it off the bone and dice it into very small pieces.
Dice cucumber and tomatoes into the same sized pieces as the mango.
Cut bell pepper into small chunks, roast them on a grill or pan. Dice bell peppers into the same sized pieces as the other vegetables.
Dice red onion and parsley (or cilantro) into tiny, little piece. Press lime juice into the salsa, season it with salt and olive oil.
Keep salsa refrigerated, serve it over the next few days.
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