Mushroom Bell Pepper Canapes  Recipe

Canapes make a great dinner snack, especially when you're hosting a party. They are hard to stop at the first or the second one, but the the same time they are pretty much guilt free. We had a tray of them sitting in out fridge for snacking, and by the end of the day they were all gone.

A thinly sliced bread, topped with some garlicky cream cheese and loaded with veggies, makes a very good combination of flavors. You can double up on the recipe, and keep it refrigerated until you start craving again.

Serving size:
    • 1
    • Red Bell Pepper
    • 1
    • Green Bell Pepper
    • 1
    • medium Onion
    • Salt; to taste
    • 3
    • Garlic Cloves
    • 1
    • Baguette
    • Parmesan; for garnish
20 min
20 min
Ready in
40 min


Dice mushrooms into small slices.
Saute mushrooms on a hot skillet, until they are softened, as they cook, season mushrooms with salt. Remove from the skillet and set aside.
Slice bell peppers into half rings and saute them on a hot skillet until they are softened. Remove from the skillet and set aside.
Cut onion into half rings, in the same skillet, saute onion until softened. Add cooked mushrooms and bell peppers into the cooking mixture, season with salt.
Slice baguette into a thickness you prefer, mine were about 1/3 of an inch.
In am small bowl, combine cream cheese with pressed garlic. Apply a spoonful of cream cheese onto the prepared bread slices.
Top each bread slice with cooked vegetable mixture and garnish with some grated parmesan. This canapes can be served cold or warm.
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