Slow Cooker Beef Roast Recipe

Recently, I had a lot of requests for crock-pot recipes; so get ready - they are definitely coming your way! Sometimes when I don't feel like cooking or when I have a ton of housework, I like to pull out my crock-pot. When kids were still babies and I used to work outside of home, crock-pot was my best friend. We would come home to an amazing dinner that only took me 5 minutes to prepare.

This beef roast can be served with mashed potatoes, in sandwiches or quesadillas. The next day we used it in Quick Cheesy Tortilla Pockets. It made a perfect quick lunch.

I would recommend leaving the crock-pot in garage or a balcony, so the house doesn't smell like beef roast, even though the smell of beef roast is quite heavenly.

Serving size:
10 min
5 hr
Ready in
5 hr 10 min


Dice veggies into larger chunks. You can leave onions as a whole. Cut the top off a garlic head, leaving it as a whole, unpeeled.
Rub meat generously on all sides with salt and pepper. Brown meat on all sides on a hot skillet.
Into a crock-pot, place beef, carrots, onion, garlic, garlic powder and one teaspoon of salt.
Sautee mushrooms on a high heat, cook until they are golden brown on all sides. Pour in marsala wine and about two cups of hot boiled water.
Cook it in a crock pot for about 5 hours or until the meat begins to fall apart.
Remove the meat from the crock-pot, spoon out the juice and mushrooms, if you wish. Serve beef in sandwiches, quesadillas or over mashed potatoes.
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