Banana Almond Whoopie Pies Recipe

Whoopie pies are like eating a cake in a form of a cookie, it's delicious. What I love about this recipe, is that the cookie is loaded with healthy ingredients. You would hardly feel guilty eating it.

This recipe will stick around with us. The days our bananas turn brown, we usually make Banana Bread, but now we will have more options.

Serving size:
10 min
15 min
Ready in
25 min


Prepare all Ingredients for the cookies.
Mash bananas in a large bowl, set aside.
Whisk eggs in a large bowl, fold dry ingredients into the wet mixture, stir to combine it together.
Fold in mashed bananas and vanilla extract into the batter, stir to combine the mixture.
Place a spoonful of cookie batter onto a baking sheet, a few inches apart from each other. Bake at 350F for 13 minutes or until golden brown.
Beat together softened cream cheese with powdered sugar, until the cream is smooth.
Pipe cream onto one cookie, placing a second cookie on top to form a whoopie pie. Store them in a refrigerator. Don't seal them in a tight container, because they will turn wet.
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