Quick Bacon Brussel Sprouts Salad Recipe

In our family, we love brussel sprouts, especially when they are at their peak of the season. They look like tiny, little cabbages, but hold more flavor than a cabbage. They are so great for your health and can fill you up easily for hours. Last year, right before Thanksgiving, we had a recipe for Feta Garlic Brussel Sprouts posted and it got well liked, especially on Pinterest.

What I like about this recipe, is that the natural flavors form bacon, absorb into the veggies. When they are shredded into tiny pieces, there is more flavor in each bite. I would suggest buying a very good cut of bacon for this recipe. But I think any bacon would work, there is no bad bacon out there, right?

Serving size:
5 min
15 min
Ready in
20 min


Prepare ingredients for the salad.
Dice bacon into small pieces. Brown them on a skillet, until they are crispy.
While bacon is cooking, shred brussel sprouts into thin pieces. You can do this by hand or a mandoline. Add brussel sprouts to the crispy bacon. Season them with salt and garlic powder.
Cook everything on medium high for about five minutes. Stir in shredded parmesan cheese and remove from the heat. Serve this salad while it's still hot or at least warm.
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