Cream Jam Tarts Recipe

Whenever there is a family event, we always ask my sister to make those tart baskets. We all just love them and because she is a pro, no one else dares to take her place.

The secret to her recipe is that she uses jello mix in her cream, it adds a nice texture and flavor. Plus, you can change things up by using different jello flavors. In this recipe, I am using a lemon flavor, my sister prefers berry flavors, which are great also.

Most Cream Jam Tart recipes, require individual baskets for each cookie. This recipe has a solution for those of you, who don't want to purchase them. Plus these baskets are incredibly pretty, so I think this might even be a better option.

Serving size:
30 min
40 min
Ready in
1 hr 10 min


Prepare all ingredients for the cookies.
Combine together flour with sugar. Grate cold butter into the flour mixture.
Stir egg yolks and shortening into the flour mixture. Using small portions, add in water.
Work dough by hand, until it all comes together. Let the dough sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Roll out the dough thinly. Using a flower shape (preferably), cut cookies out of the dough. Place each piece inside the mini cupcake pan.
Bake them at 350 for about 15 minutes or until they are golden brown.
Combine together jello mix with hot water, let it dissolve and cool to a room temperature. Whisk cream cheese using a mixer, until it's fluffy, then stir Truwhip into the cream cheese. Into the cream, add in the cooled jello and whisk until combined.
Spoon jam into cooled cookie baskets. Place cream into a piping bag with a tip.
Pipe prepared cream into each cookie basket.
Keep them refrigerated, until you are ready to serve. They can stay fresh for up to a week if you keep them in an air tight container.
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