Meatball Soup Recipe

Updated August 13, 2013

Meatball soup is a common dish in European countries, often served as a first course at a dinner. This soup is light and at the same time it has a nice meatiness to it. Kids love the floating meatballs, often bringing them to extinct, before the rest of the soup gets touched.

If for any reason you don't like rice in your soup, feel free to replace it with pasta.

Serving size:
25 min
40 min
Ready in
1 hr 5 min


Meat Balls
Mix all ground meat together, adding salt, pepper and an egg. Make sure to mix it well. Using ground mean, make small, round pieces.
Place your cooking pot with 4 quarts of water on high heat. Add potatoes and rice to it.
Bring it up to boil. Once it's boiling, one by one, add meatballs into the water. Make sure that the water is boiling at all times, otherwise your meat balls will fall apart. Season with salt and pepper. Turn your heat to low, let it cook for 25 minutes.
Sautée your carrots and onions with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil. Sautée until vegetables are soft (7-10 minutes). Add them to the rest of the cooking ingredients. Add green onions and parsley to your soup. Let it all cook for another 15 minutes.
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