Lemon-herb Baked Trout Recipe Recipe

There were a few New Years resolutions I had this year, one of them was to eat more fish. So now, we've been eating more fish and testing more fish recipes. As you have noticed, there aren't too many fish recipes on my blog, but that is about to change.

Fish is great for a healthy diet and if it's prepared right, it is incredibly delicious. With this recipe, I was a bit worried with all the lemon and expected my husband to complain about the turnout. Instead, he started complaining of eating too much. It turned out way better than expected, and the best part is that it took under 30 minutes to prepare.

I found whole trout sold in Costco, there are a few of them per pack and the price is around $3.79 per lb.

Serving size:
15 min
20 min
Ready in
35 min


Prepare the ingredients for the recipe. Slice lemon into thin rings.
Remove the middle bone from it, you can watch a tutorial on Youtube if you need help with removing the bone. But if you wish to bake it with a bone, you sure can. Generously season fish with salt on the inside and out.
Place fish on a lined baking sheet, so you dont have to move it later. Make a layer of lemon and herbs on the inside of each fish. Sprinkle fish with some ground pepper.
Lightly drizzle olive oil over the top of the fish. Place lemon across the top of each fish. Bake fish in a preheated oven at 350F for 15 minutes. Next, turn oven to a High broil, cook until the fish is lightly browned, for about 2 minutes.
Fish can be served hot or cold. We preferred it while it was still warm. To make it extra fancy, you can serve it over rice and a side of steamed veggies.
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