Creamy Potato Soup Recipe  Recipe

My friend Tanya invited us over for dinner, a few weeks back. Oh man, she really went all out with it. Even though we are very close friends, she said that she felt pressured to have "Mom's Dish" for dinner, which is so hilarious, as I am quite simple and would settle for a pizza :)

Part of her fancy dinner, was this delicious soup. My husband was on my case about it for a week. When I finally made it, it was gone in a matter of hours, no joke. The creamy texture with tiny chunks and refreshed topping, go heavenly together. You guys will love this recipe, I promise!!!

This soup will turn out having small chunks of potatoes, which is great to have for texture. But for those of your who prefer a very creamy texture, blend it in a food processor or a blender.

Serving size:
20 min
25 min
Ready in
45 min


To prepare all ingredients for the soup, dice onions into tiny pieces, dice baked potatoes and dice cooked bacon.
Preheat pot with butter, add onions into it and cook until it is caramelized. Stir in flour and mix until the flour is spread evenly.
Pour milk & hot water into the cooking ingredients. When it starts simmering, add in diced potatoes and better than bullion. If necessary, season it with salt, but keep in mind that cheese and bacon have seasoning. Let the ingredients simmer until creamy, for about 10 minutes.
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