Broccoli Cucumber and Tomato Salad Recipe

The other day, I was looking over all salad recipes on the blog and was so surprised to find that this salad isn't here yet. This is my go to salad on so many occasions. I love it because it holds the texture well, so you can still eat the leftovers later. Plus, all the ingredients in this salad I usually have on hand.

Well, there you go, you have it now. You will love it. Don't forget to comment and share your pictures of it. :) love you!

Serving size:
    • 1
    • English Cucumber
    • 3
    • Green Onions
    • Salt; to taste
20 min
Ready in
20 min


Clean and prepare all vegetables for the salad. Prepare Greek yogurt or replace it with sour cream, if that's what you have on hand.
Dice green onions into small pieces. Slice cucumber and tomatoes in equal pieces and broccoli in a bit larger chunks.
Season the salad with salt, add Greek yogurt to it and serve immediately. If you wish to prepare this salad ahead of time, don't add dressing until you are ready to serve.
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