Simple Baked Duck Recipe Recipe

We love Simple Baked Duck, this is why I am sharing a third duck recipe here on the blog. Yeah, what blogger has three duck recipes? Discover how great it is and love it with me. :)

This is a very basic recipe I use, the duck comes out perfectly flavored and looks fancy. It does taste more flavorful if you do let it marinade overnight.

I've found ducks sold at Cash & Carry, Fred Meyers and even Costco during the holiday season. I am sure your local grocery stores will carry them.

Serving size:
20 min
1 hr 30 min
Ready in
1 hr 50 min


The night before, season the duck with combination of mayonnaise and garlic parsley salt. Prepare ingredients for the recipe. This photo is missing salt and garnish.
Stuff duck with cooked buckwheat. Wipe off the outside of the suck, removing all the mayonnaise.
Cut up apples, carrots and celery, spread it out evenly around the duck and season it with salt. Cover the duck with foil.
Bake the duck for 90 min at 375F, remove the foil wrap for the last 15 minutes, so it gains a golden color. Serve right away while it's still hot.
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