Brie and Cranberry Bites Recipe

This recipe will be a hit at the next event you will be hosting. The combo of brie and cranberries are the best flavors you can combine together. I love the sweet and sour flavors you get with the brie.

This is very quick to make and I typically hold those ingredients on hand so that I can be ready anytime to treat our guests.

The cranberry in this recipe I made myself, but you can always purchase store bought. Either way works.

Serving size:
10 min
7 min
Ready in
17 min


Prepare all ingredients for this recipe.
Cut brie into pieces that would fit just perfectly into the cups.
Place brie first, followed by the cranberry sauce and cranberry halves.
Broil them for about 7 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Keep the baking sheet on lower rack, so the cups don't burn. They are best served while warm, but still darn good later.
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