Chocolate Dipped Figs Recipe

During the season, figs are a staple in our house. I usually pick up a box of them from Costco or Trader Joe's. We use them as a snack or while hosting. We often create a cheese plate and compliment it with figs, making it a beautiful arrangement.

This recipe is extremely versatile, pretty much any chocolate you have on hand would work. If you wish, you can also use crushed nuts, pistachios would be amazing. Our alltime favorite was chia seeds.

Serving size:
15 min
5 min
Ready in
20 min


Prepare the ingredients for the recipe.
Add coconut oil to the chocolate chips. Microwave 20 to 30 seconds at a time, stir in between to create a smooth melted mixture.
Split figs into two or four pieces, depending on your preference.
Dip figs into chocolate as deep as you desire. Place them on a dish lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle figs with some coconut sprinkles or chia seeds.
Let them chill in a fridge until the chocolate hardens.
Best to serve them the same day.
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