Traditional Cabbage Rolls  Recipe

Most people don’t cover their cabbage rolls with sauce. I think that creamy sauce makes it so much better. Great way to make them is by making double the recipe and freeze some for another time. I also like to take some to my friend that has a new born, this makes great dish.

Here is another recipe for cabbage rolls, it has more pictures... Cabbage Rolls

Serving size:
1 hr
1 hr
Ready in
2 hr


Boil rice in a pot of salted water until it is cooked. Saute grated carrots and thinly cut onions with olive oil.
Cool rice and carrots with onion, mix them together with the meat in a large dish, add greens and spices, and mix well.
Bring 1 gallon water to boil in a large deep pan, and place the cabbage in the pan. Boil for 2-3 minutes, cut and takeout the upper cabbage leaves, trying to keep them from braking. Repeat until the cabbage leaves are too small to cover some filling. Cool the leaves.
Cut out the hard part of the lettuce leaves by slicing each piece into two and removing the middle of the leaf. Place lettuce leaf in your hand, add filling, fold over lettuce into a roll. Press top of the pocket into the filling.
Place then in ceramic pot, tightly together next to each other. In a frying pan place sour cream and tomato sauce together, mix them well, bring the sauce to boil.
Cover cabbage rolls with the sauce. Bake them in a oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.
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