Perfect Macarons Recipe

If you have tried making macarons or heard of stories, you know that making them can be a bit tricky. I have made several batches of this macaron recipe, and each time they turn out perfect. I do a little dance out of excitement, honestly, it really does make my day.

If you follow the recipe as I shared, it should work out perfect for you also. I would also recommend watching the following video, to help you understand the process a bit more.

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Serving size:
    • 3
    • Egg Whites; kept in room temperature for 24-48 hours
    • Food Coloring
    • Nutella; filling
20 min
15 min
Ready in
40 min


In a bowl of a standing electric mixer, beat the egg whites with granulated sugar until they begin to rise and hold their shape. Add your choice of color to macarons, keeping the color darker, as it fades in the process of baking.
Shift powdered sugar and almond flour to get rid of any lumps.
Stir in dry ingredients into egg whites. Be sure not to over mix the ingredients.
Place plastic or pastry bag into a cup to hold it straight. I would suggest a pastry bag, hence once you cut off the edge of a plastic bag it may not be a round shape. In this case, I wasn't going to make a trip to the store, so I did use a ziplock bag. Pour the entire mixture into the bag. Remove from the cup and twist to hold the batter in the inside.
Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Pipe circles into the baking sheet, making them thick. Tap baking sheet at least 3 times on each side, this will get rid of any air bubbles and will prevent from cracks. Let macarons sit in room temperature for about 20 minutes, they will create a bit of a shell, also helps from cracks on top.
Bake macarons at 300F for 13-20 minutes, depending on your oven. I would suggest checking them after 13 minutes or so.
Place a spoonful of cream on a flat side of the macaron, enclosing it with another macaron over top. Keep refrigerated.

Note: I personally like Nutella as the cream for the macarons but any other butter cream you like would work for macarons.
Here is a recipe for cream a friend shared with me.
½ cup salted butter
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 cup fresh raspberries, worked through a sieve to extract 3 tbsp of juice

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