Steamed Blueberry Vareniki aka Pierogi  Recipe

These puffy steamed Vareniki are my mom's or maybe grandma's recipe. To this day, each summer my mother would makes these. I do remember visiting my grandma when I was little, and she would serve us the same vareniki, but they were giant. Maybe she made them that big because she had no time to make so many little ones or perhaps she liked it that way.

They are not your common recipes, because most vareniki recipes don't have yeast, but this recipe does. I promise you, if you try this recipe, this will become your family staple. The texture of them is very fluffy and light; seriously incredible!

A lot of people are scared of yeast recipes, but this recipe is very forgiving. In fact, you will find these vareniki easier to prepare, because the dough is more puffy and easier to work with.

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Serving size:
30 min
20 min
Ready in
50 min


Prepare the ingredients for this recipe. For those of you that aren't really used to baking with yeast, this recipe is very forgiving. You'll be amazed at the ease.
Combine together flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, salt and yeast.
In small portions add in water. Knead the dough until it's smooth. Cover the dough and let it rise for about an hour.
Prepare the blueberries and sugar, no need to combine them yet. Also prepare some flour to work with the dough.
Divide the dough into equal pieces. If you continue dividing each pierce into halves, they should come out pretty even. Cover the dough with a towel while you are working on them.
Either roll out each piece or stretch it out by hands. Place blueberries in the middle and cover them with sugar, about 1/3 a teaspoon in each.
Fold it over and pinch to seal. Make sure all holes are sealed well. Leave them on a floured surface or make just one steaming batch at a time.
If you have something at home you use for steaming, great! Here is what I used, a flat mash strainer and microwave cover. I did have to seal the microwave cover with foil, because it has little holes in it and when you seam, you cannot have any of it escape.
Bring a pot with water to a boil, place a flat mash strainer on top. Place vareniki on a strainer and cover it with the lid. Let them steam for about 3 minutes. To make sure they are fully cooked, break one and see if the dough is puffy.
They are light and puffy. They can be reheated, but best on the first day.
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