• Vareniki Recipe

    6 years ago

    Vareniky are dumplings that are filled with sweet or savory filling. The name varenyky, simply means "boiled things".

    Vareniky are part of the national Ukrainian food, just like (recipe/55). There are many restaurants in Ukraine that are serving Vareniky, they come with a wide variety of either savory or sweet fillings.

    The process may look endless, but its well worth your time....

  • Grilled Chicken and Veggie Macaroni

    6 years ago

    This is where you can hide as much as possible of those veggies. My kids have been sick for last few days and this was life saver, they actually ate something. Cool part is that there are lots of good vitamins in this meal.

  • Pelmeni

    6 years ago

    I learned that Pelmeni originated from Siberia, no wonder my husband loves them so much :) He came to USA when he was nine years old. All they could do there in cold Siberia is most probably - make Pelmeni. :) Kids love them.

  • Buckwheat with Mushrooms

    6 years ago

    In Eastern European countries it is very common to find buckwheat in many dishes. I remember as a child mom prepared it for us at least once a week. To this day I remember her telling me that I would never have headaches if I eat buckwheat.

    Buckwheat helps reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar. It is low in calorie and full of nutrients.

  • Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    6 years ago

    Updated November 30, 2012.

    These cookies are just too adorable. The taste reminds me of brownies and at the same time, an extra crunch on the outside. They are always a huge hit when I make them.

  • Cake Prague

    6 years ago

    I love this cake, not only because it's chocolate, but how moist and light it tastes. This is definitely one of my favorite cakes. Although instructions on this cake seem never ending, they are actually a collection of very simple, general cake tips, that apply to most cakes. So it shouldn't be all that complicated.

  • Bird Milk Jello

    6 years ago

    This type of jello is very common in Slavic community. Often times its preferred over regular fruit jello. I get it why, it has wonderful rich chocolate flavor. 

  • No Knead Bread-long loaf

    6 years ago

    My mom makes bread for whole family every week. I know back in days in Ukraine in small town it was necessary to know how to bake bread. I tried learning from mom and every time my bread wasn’t nearly as good as moms. Now with this bread I try to compete with mom, lol… I love the taste of this bread, my husband loves it even more and he is from family where they don’t really eat any bread....

  • Potato Pancakes Recipe

    6 years ago

    Updated: April 9, 2014
    Potato pancakes are very popular in Slavic community, in terms of breakfast. It's a combination of a very few simple ingredients such as potatoes, onion, eggs, seasoning and, on some occasions, even flour. Crunchy edges of the potato pancakes were my favorite, during childhood. I often asked mom to fry my piece for a longer time to make it extra crispy.

  • Chicken Mushroom Soup

    6 years ago

    Here is a pretty funny story. Back in Ukraine we always picked mushrooms, so here when we found out that some places here also grow mushrooms, my family was excited. Tim & I decided to join them one time to pick some. It was in the mountains; Tim tells me that he will climb high up. I was following him. Almost at the top he says, "look there is a bear!" OHH WOW!!! I wanted to scream, cry...