• Quick Poppy Seed Rolls

    6 years ago

    Most people call this beatiful creation Bylochki but I call them Piroshky, we always have in our family.
    We Slavic people love our piroshky with poppy seed, the more poppy seed the better. We grew some in our garden in Ukraine, mom would use it in very small potions for piroshky as it was treated like a delicacy. Out of all piroshky she made one or two rolls with poppy seed and we would...

  • Poppy Seed and Raisin Cake Pops

    6 years ago

    After making cakes pops too many times, at least too many for my six pack ..lol.. (I don’t have one), I just wanted to give you better description and few more pictures to see how I make them. My boys love cake pops and I do have few girlfriends that have little obsession with them(no names ..lol). If you are choosing to go with making cake or cakes pops, I would say that they are not any...

  • Drunken Raisins Cake

    6 years ago

    Updated March 3, 2014
    The idea for drunken raisins came to me, while on Alaska Cruise, last summer. I've ordered ice-cream and it came with raisins on top that were drunken. I was telling my husband, why don’t we ever make drunken raisins cake? They taste so good. My mission was to test it out when we get home.

    Raisins are small and spread out nicely inside for a perfect flavor...