Yakisoba - Quick and Easy Recipe

This Yakisoba can be quickly prepared at home with easy step by step instructions. It cooks in under 30 minutes and reheats well.

Yakisoba: 焼きそば [jakiꜜsoba]), is a classic Japanese street food that is cooked on a large iron grill. Yakisoba consists of the word Yaki, meaning grilled or fried, and Soba, meaning noodles. Most commonly you will see ramen noodle used in preparation of Yakisoba.

Yakisoba Sauce is very easy to prepare. It's just a combination of sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. All of the ingredients can be purchased in most grocery store.

Tips for Delicious Yakisoba

  • Prepare all ingredients ahead of time to cut the waiting time in between.
  • It's best to prepare Yakisoba in a Wok pan, it gives the food enough space for cooking. If you don't have a Wok, you may use any other large pan.
  • Slice beef into thin strips to give the dish most balanced flavor.
  • Watch for cooking times, otherwise the sauce can dry out and Yakisoba can come out on a dry side.

Where to buy Yakisoba

Yakisoba (ramen) noodles can be purchased in most grocery stores. They're often sold in the Asian food section or in the refrigerated section. 

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Serving size:
20 min
25 min
Ready in
45 min


Prepare all ingredients for the Yakisoba. Slice all vegetables into even slices. Cut beef into thin strips. Reheat Yakisoba noodles following the package instructions.
In a lightly oiled Wok, cook all the vegetables separately on high heat until they're golden brown. Set aside in a bowl.
To the same Wok or a skillet, add more oil and brown the beef slices on all sides. Add vegetables to the beef mixture.
In a separate bowl, combine together sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Pour the sauce over the cooking ingredients, let it cook together for 2-3 minutes. Add Yakisoba noodles to the mix, let it cook together for 5 minutes.
Serve Yakisoba while it's warm.
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