I’m probably way overdue with an “About Me” update, so here you have it. Probably more than you’ve asked!

  • Youngest of five kids in the family; they call me spoiled.
  • Immigrated to US at 12.
  • Took on marriage young; was 19 and hubby 20. Still going strong:)
  • Own two handsome boys.
  • Worked as an insurance agent for seven years.
  • Still dream of becoming a chef/blogger or a sales person.
  • Have the utmost respect for coffee πŸ™‚
  • Purses and shoes are my weakness.
  • I go crazy for Tj Maxx, Zara and J Crew stores.
  • Still suck at grammar.
  • Addicted to traveling. My husband and I have visited most of the states in US, including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • For short getaways, prefer Vancouver BC or any other place in Canada. It feels like Europe.
  • An extrovert. Sometimes exaggerate my own self, lol.
  • Have very strong value for friends.
  • Extreme texter, glad the plan is unlimited!
  • Managed a Mexican fast food restaurant for a few years. Loved the job.
  • My husband and I worked together most of our marriage.
  • Enjoy road trips. I use that time to chat with my hubby and just think about life.
  • My family is known to overdue things with food, kinda’ like in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.
  • I watch Housewives, ouch, please don’t judge me!
  • Used to drive crazy during my teen years. Driving 100 miles (160km) an hour was no problem.
  • I’m a chatter box, or at least I feel as if I cannot stop talking sometimes.
  • Lived in a village during my childhood years, 350 homes; got to experiment a life of a farmer.
  • Really enjoy hosting. We have friends over at least once a week.
  • Always look happy, but I cry too sometimes:(
  • Love hiking and miss it just by writing this.
  • My husband is my best friend.
  • I am getting old! It’s my 28th Birthday!

I love reading your comments and getting to know every one of you. Do tell me if you relate to anything or share something amazing about yourself!

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