So many of us are paving a fresh road for a New Year’s resolution. I’m putting together a post of some of my favorite salads.

Salads are a great way to attain all of your vitamins and get jump-started on a new, healthy body. In our family, we seem to always go quick through fruits, but somewhat lacking behind on veggies. So we goal a salad a day to catch up on all those benefits.

A small flare of Mexican salads with Black Bean Corn Salad & Tostada Salad

Tuna Cobb Salad & Russian Cobb Salad Recipe

Superfood Quinoa Kale Salad Recipe & Arugula Caprese Salad

Beet Carrot and Cabbage Salad & Beet Quinoa Salad

Broccoli Cucumber and Tomato Salad & Pickled Vegetable Salad

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